Cloud Apps Development

Applications which are agile, reliable and scale per your load.

Social and Mobile Apps

Harness the social graph and understand your user better.

Product Development

Product Development for desktop and web

Let us partner in your success.

  About Us

Kapnovate Technologies is a new generation startup with focus in development of applications having the characterstics of agility, reliablity and performance.

Custom Application Development

Let the application adapt to your needs.

Maintenance and QA Outsourcing

Bring a new perspective to your application

Product Development

Always available and can scale based on your needs.

   Our Featured Product

Your apps on the web

J2EE Applications, Python [Django] Web Apps.


Load, Performance, Integration testing, Business case testing

Analytics and Search

Analyze unstructed data using hadoop and implement faster search using solr / NOSQL databases.

  Recent works